Lubricating device



The utility model relates to a lubricating device, the device can oil for the braided wire, and can control the oil mass. Its structure includes a base, the base on be equipped with inlet wire board and wire outgoing plate, inlet wire board and wire outgoing plate's the fixed diaphragm that is equipped with in top, the fixed batch oil tank that is equipped with in bottom of diaphragm, the bottom of batch oil tank be equipped with out the glib talker, go out the ball valve that is equipped with the control oil pump capacity on the glib talker, the glib below of play be equipped with the sponge piece, the sponge piece place in the tray, the tray the bottom through the spring with be fixed in the branch fixed connection of base upper surface, the tray left end and right -hand member respectively through the extension spring with carry out board and wire outgoing plate and be connected. Its easy operation, convenient to use is applicable to the lubrication of oiling of multiple braided wire.




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