Novel low temperature stop valve



The utility model relates to a novel low temperature stop valve, including valve rod and valve clack, the mounting groove that is used for connecting the valve rod is offered at the upper end of valve clack middle part, and at least one ball groove has been offered to the lower extreme lateral wall of valve rod, the ball inslot sets up the steel ball, and the degree of depth in ball groove is less than the steel ball diameter, at least one screw hole has been seted up to the lateral wall of valve clack, and the screw hole communicates with each other with the mounting groove, is provided with stop screw in the screw hole, when the tip inserted in the mounting groove of valve clack under the valve rod, the ball groove lay in same height with the screw hole on the valve clack, the ball inslot is filled in through the screw hole to the steel ball, restricts at the ball inslot in the stop screw screw in screw hole and with the steel ball. The design and processing size of messenger's valve clack can effectually reduce, reduces the quantity of part, and the valve clack is connected by the steel ball with the valve rod for cooperate more flexibility and joint strength also to promote greatly.




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