Mask type anesthesia operation desk



The utility model relates to a mask type anesthesia operation desk and belongs to the technical field of medical instruments. According to the technical scheme, the mask type anesthesia operation desk comprises an anesthesia operation desk body, an anesthesia mask and an anesthesia medicine processing device and is characterized in that a sealing protecting box, a display screen and a pressing switch are disposed on the anesthesia operation desk body, a sealing cover and a sealing fastening tail are disposed on the sealing protecting box, a sealing fastening head is disposed on the sealing cover, a medicine guide-in cup and an air guide pipe sealing ring are disposed in the sealing protecting box, a detachable protecting cover is disposed on the medicine guide-in cup, and an air guide pipe is disposed on the air guide pipe sealing ring. The mask type anesthesia operation desk is multifunctional, convenient to use, simple to operate during patient anesthesia, convenient to use, safe and practical, efficient and fast, and capable greatly reducing work difficulty of medical staff.




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