Air cylinder cover structure



The utility model relates to an air cylinder cover structure, which comprises an air cylinder cover body, wherein the air cylinder cover body is provided with upper water cavities and lower water cavities, an air inlet and an air outlet are arranged near each upper water cavity, a crankshaft case ventilating passage is arranged between each air inlet and the corresponding air outlet, an oil inlet passage is arranged near each lower water cavity, the two ends of each oil inlet passage are respectively provided with a positioning pin hole, each positioning pin hole is connected with a bolt hole through an oil return passage, and an air cylinder hole is arranged between each upper water cavity and the corresponding lower water cavity. The air cylinder cover structure has the advantages that the structure is simple, the design is reasonable, the convenience in use is realized, the air cylinder cover structure is effectively combined with an air cylinder body , the layout is reasonable, the space of the air cylinder cover is sufficiently ensured, the structure is simple, the normal running of an engine is effectively ensured, the processing cost is low, and the development trend of the engine is met.




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