Drug atomization inhalation device


  • Inventors: YANG AIJU
  • Assignees: 杨爱菊
  • Publication Date: November 07, 2012
  • Publication Number: CN-202516116-U


The utility model relates to a drug atomization inhalation device and belongs to a medical auxiliary tool. The drug atomization inhalation device mainly comprises a tube body, an atomization tank and a face mask connected by the tube body; and a switch is arranged on the tube body. The drug atomization inhalation device is characterized in that a drug adding hole, a manual boaster pump and an inhalation pipe are arranged on an atomization tank; and an electric heating device is arranged inside the atomization tank. The drug atomization inhalation device has a reasonable structure design and an ingenious and novel conception; the sealing performance of the face mask is further improved by a sealing edge arranged at the edge of the face mask; and the therapeutic effect can be effectively improved. The electric heating device is arranged in the atomization tank, so that liquid medicine can be heated to a suitable temperature, and when a patient breaths the liquid medicine, the liquid medicine can play the largest curative effect function, and the patient also cannot be stimulated or burnt due to the excessively cold or excessively hot liquid medicine. The drug atomization inhalation device has a low cost and is easy to popularize and apply in a large scale.




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