Photovoltaic assembly made with screen pre-fixing fluid packaging technology



Disclosed is a photovoltaic assembly made with the screen pre-fixing fluid packaging technology, comprising a first substrate matched to the shape of the photovoltaic assembly, a photoresist layer located upon the first substrate, a solar energy cell string fixed upon the photoresist layer, and a second substrate glued upon the solar energy cell string, wherein the shape of the second substrate is matched to the shape of the photovoltaic assembly. The photovoltaic assembly features excellent photoelectric conversion effect, non-pollution, long service lifetime, simple making, and low cost. Moreover, the photovoltaic assembly is not subject to space and region during installation. The cell string is firstly fixed upon the first substrate, followed by the subsequent packing process, thereby overcoming the short circuit of the cell string or the deformation of the finished product resulting from the moving of the cell string while using the prior art. Compared with the prior art, the photovoltaic assembly of the utility model made with the screen pre-fixing fluid packaging technology raises the product yield and working efficiency and decreases the production cost.




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