Underground explosive sleeve at seismic prospecting shoal area



The utility model discloses an underground explosive sleeve at a seismic prospecting shoal area, belongs to the technical field of seismic prospecting, and aims to solve the problems in the prior art that the wellhead is difficult to find after drill lifting in underwater seismic prospecting, and an explosive column cannot be sent to a designed well depth part smoothly. The underground explosive sleeve includes a sleeve, wherein a plurality of supporting rods are connected with the outer sleeve wall at the lower end of the sleeve; the lower ends of the supporting rods extend out of the lower orifice of the sleeve; a plurality of guide rods are connected with the outer sleeve wall at the upper end of the sleeve; and the upper ends of the guide rods extend out of the upper orifice of the sleeve. The underground explosive sleeve has a simple structure, is low in cost and easy to process and manufacture, and is applicable to the working fields of oil exploration and geological ore yard drilling at water areas with the water depth lower than 4 m.




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