Outdoor water purifier


  • Inventors: ZHANG RUONAN
  • Assignees: 张若楠
  • Publication Date: September 05, 2012
  • Publication Number: CN-202415208-U


The utility model discloses an outdoor water purifier, which comprises an outer bottle, an inner bottle, and a cover body arranged above the inner bottle, wherein the lower end of the inner bottle is open and is sealed by a bottom cup cover; the lower part of the outer bottle is provided with a water outlet hole which is sealed by a water outlet rubber plug; and the upper part of the outer bottle is provided with an air inlet hole which is sealed by an air inlet rubber plug. The outdoor water purifier has the advantages that when the outdoor water purifier is used, the bottom cup cover is unscrewed and flatly arranged on the water surface, an enclosed space is formed in the outer bottle, the water is converted into the gas state from the liquid state under the action of sunlight; the water vapor is attached to the cover body, is condensed on the cover body and is changed into liquid water again; after a certain amount of liquid water is formed, the liquid water slips downwards along the peripheral wall of the cover body under the action of the gravity and drops into the bottom of the outer bottle; and after a certain amount of water is collected, the bottom cup cover can be covered, and the water can be taken for drinking by unplugging the water outlet rubber plug; and therefore, the trouble that people have to carry water while going out can be avoided.




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