Multifunctional teaching ruler


  • Inventors: JING XIANWEI
  • Assignees: 景宪伟
  • Publication Date: September 05, 2012
  • Publication Number: CN-202413124-U


The utility model discloses a multifunctional teaching ruler, relating to a teaching aid used during teaching. The multifunctional teaching ruler comprise a main ruler (1) and an auxiliary ruler (2), wherein the main ruler (1) is an opaque ruler, the auxiliary ruler (2) is a transparent ruler, the main ruler (1) and the auxiliary ruler (2) are connected with a rotation shaft (4) which is fixed at the left end of the main ruler (1), the auxiliary ruler (2) rotates around the rotation shaft (4), the upper end of the rotation shaft (4) is provided with a fastened screw cap (7), one end of the main ruler (1), close to the rotation shaft (4), is provided with a graphometer (3), the main ruler (1), the auxiliary ruler (2) and the graphometer (3) are all marked with scales and share a same null point, and the auxiliary ruler (2) is provided with 2-3 chalk mounting holes (5). The multifunctional teaching ruler integrates the functions of a straight ruler, a set square and the graphometer, can be used for completing the drawing of straight lines, triangles, arcs, circles and various other graphs, is simple in structure, easy to make and convenient to carry and use, and can be used by teachers of mathematics, drawing, technical training and various disciplines for teaching.




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