Impact drill



The utility model relates to an electric tool, in particular to an impact drill which comprises a casing; the casting is provided with a horizontal cavity; a motor is arranged in the casing; one end of a rotor of the motor is connected with a carbon brush in the casing; the other end of the rotor is meshed with a gear; the gear is mounted at one end, extending from the casing, of an output shaft; a drill chuck is mounted at the other end of the output shaft; an impact block is arranged at the end of the output shaft in a matching manner, and connected with a pushing button; and an impact spring is sleeved at the other end of the output shaft. The gear is driven by the rotor to drive the output shaft to rotate, and when the impact drill is in operation, an operator pushes the pushing button to enable a drill bit to generate an impact force. Therefore, the impact drill provides a convenience for the operator, without applying a great axial force in the axial direction by the operator.




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