Capsule enteroscopy system with bidirectional night vision camera



The utility model relates to a capsule enteroscopy system with a bidirectional night vision camera, which comprises a capsule enteroscopy with a bidirectional night vision camera, an in-vitro receiving device and a computer system, wherein the capsule enteroscopy with the bidirectional night vision camera structurally comprises a shell with a sealing function, a first night vision module, an image processing module, a power module, an auxiliary mechanism, a storage and communication module and a second night vision module; and the first night vision module, the image processing module, the power module, the auxiliary mechanism, the storage and communication module and the second night vision module are arranged in the shell. Under the condition of no light or shimmer, a gastrointestinal cavity and the walls of the gastrointestinal cavity can be observed by the capsule enteroscopy system with the bidirectional night vision camera. The gastrointestinal tract and images between the walls are obtained in an omnibearing mode at multiple angles. An image obtained under the status with light is compared with an image obtained under the status of no light or shimmer by the system to more comprehensively and objectively know the gastrointestinal tract and the relevant gastrointestinal lesions, the intestinal tract observation and diagnosis means can be enriched, and a diagnosis result is more accurate.




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