Combined structure of home four-dimensional (4D) film seat and head cap



The utility model discloses a combined structure of a home four-dimensional (4D) film seat and a head cap. The combined structure comprises a seat and a head cap. The seat comprises a base. A tripod is arranged below the base. Three rolling mechanisms are respectively arranged at the three corners of the tripod. An oil cylinder is arranged no each rolling mechanism. Each oil cylinder is connected with the base through an oil cylinder connecting rod and a universal globe joint. A servo valve is arranged on one side of each oil cylinder. A sensor shifting fork is sheathed on the oil cylinder connecting rod. The free end of the sensor shifting fork is connected with a sensor. The sensor is connected with an integrated control board through a connecting line. Each servo valve is communicated with a single-seat valve through an oil inlet pipe and a backflow pipe, and the single-seat valve is also communicated with a main distribution valve through an oil inlet pipe and a backflow pipe to form an oil inlet and backflow circulating passage. The integrated control board is additionally connected with the servo valves. The integrated control board is connected with the input end of the head cap through a data line. The input end of the head cap is connected with a computer through a universal serial bus (USB) data line. The combined structure of the home 4D film seat and the head cap has the advantage that the effects such as upward, downward, leftward and rightward impact and vibration in a 4D film can be directly reflected.




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