External-fin-type heat exchange pipe



The utility model discloses an external-fin-type heat exchange pipe, which belongs to the technical field of parts of general heat exchange or heat transmission equipment. The external-fin-type heat exchange pipe comprises a base pipe and fins arranged outside the base pipe. An aluminum pipe is sleeved on the base pipe, and the fins are connected to an outer wall of the aluminum pipe in a rolling manner. A plurality of spiral grooves are arranged on an inner wall of the base pipe. The thickness of the aluminum pipe is from one fourth to one second of that of the base pipe. Due to the fact that the external-fin-type heat exchange pipe consists of the base pipe and the aluminum pipe sleeved on the base pipe, materials of the base pipe body can be selected correspondingly according to characteristics of fluid medium; due to good heat conduction performance of the aluminum pipe and good corrosion-resistant performance arisen from an oxidation film on the surface of the aluminum pipe in a gaseous environment, the external-fin-type heat exchange pipe can be well adapted to different fluid medium environments on the premise of guaranteeing heat exchange efficiency.




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