Cigarette case bidirectionally opened by bottom push



The utility model discloses a cigarette case bidirectionally opened by bottom push and belongs to the technical field of cigarette packaging. A rear inner case and a front inner case which are arranged in parallel and opened parallelly leftwards and rightwards are arranged in an outer case of the cigarette case bidirectionally opened by bottom push. Buckling pieces are arranged on the rear inner case and the rear end of the bottom surface of the front inner case, and the edge of an outlet positioned on the surface of the outer case adjacent to the bottom surface of an inner case is provided with hook pieces matched with the buckling pieces. Bottom push holes are arranged at the position of the side of the outer case abutting onto the back of the front inner case or the rear inner case, a left cover is arranged in front of the rear inner case, and a right cover is arranged in front of the front inner case. The cigarette case is reasonable in design, simple and novel in structure and convenient to use, can accommodate two different kinds of cigarettes, and can be bidirectionally opened so that the cigarettes are taken out. The special structure can meet the requirements of novelty and variation of the users, and can also create harmonious communicating cultural environment.




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