Mobile phone with hearing aid function



The utility model discloses a mobile phone with a hearing aid function, comprising a shell as well as a main processing chip, a first MIC, a second MIC, an MIC noise reduction chip and an earphone power amplifying chip which are installed in the shell. The first MIC and the second MIC are connected with the main processing chip through the MIC noise reduction chip, and the main processing chip is connected with the earphone power amplifying chip. In the utility model, through the MIC noise reduction chip and the earphone power amplifying chip which are installed in the mobile phone, noise reduction and filtering processing are carried out on background noise in input sound signals, and clear voice conversation audio signals are output. In addition, the voice conversation audio signal is amplified through the earphone power amplifying chip, and the amplified signals are directly input through a high-frequency amplification earphone. Compared with the prior art, the utility model has simple structure, is easy to realize, can effectively solve the problem that users who have dysaudia are inconvenient to use mobile phones.




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