Earphone wire control circuit of mobile terminal and wire control method



The invention discloses an earphone wire control circuit of a mobile terminal and a wire control method. The earphone wire control circuit comprises an earphone end circuit and a mobile terminal end circuit connected through a signal wire, wherein the earphone end circuit comprises an earphone end MCU (Micro Control Unit) and an attenuation and microphone circuit which are connected; the mobile terminal end circuit comprises an audio frequency analog input channel and an amplifier which are connected in parallel; the amplifier is connected with a mobile terminal end MCU through a wire; the mobile terminal end MCU is connected with a CPU (Central Processing Unit) of a processor through a wire; and the earphone end MCU is internally provided with a button detection module and a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) module. The problem that POP noise is generated when buttons are pressed during the calling process is effectively solved, and the calling quality is promoted.




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